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Physio – Physical Therapy & Medical Clinic WP Theme by QreativeThemes

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Physio is a WordPress theme built for Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, Physiotherapist, Medical Clinic, Chiropractor, Private Hospital, Sports Therapy Clinic, Massage Therapist and others that offer Medical or Therapy related services. Physio will help you get your site up and running in less than minutes with the one click demo importer. Build your website easily with the Drag and Drop Page Builder and use the Theme Customizer to change the visual style of the theme and preview the changes immediately.

With Physio your website is built to last and will stand out from the crowd. Below you will see the key features why Physio will fit your company website.


Drag and Drop Page Builder – Physio comes with a very easy to use page builder. Creating unlimited page combinations the way you want without being stuck to layouts.

Import Demo Data – Import the demo data with a single click and you’re ready to go. This is a great way to start editing your website hassle free!

Theme Live Customizer – Take control of the look and feel of the theme with the Live Customizer and see the changes you’ve make directly, before you push them live.

Booked – Appointment Booking Plugin for WordPress (save $49) – Physio comes with a premium appointment booking plugin. Let your visitors easily schedule an appointment on your website.

Custom Widgets – Physio comes with custom widgets such as Testimonials, Google Map, Brochure, Staff Members, Call to Action Banner, Opening Hours, Social Media Icons, and more…

Responsive & Retina-ready – Physio is fully responsive and will respond as it should on any device. Desktop, tablet or phone, your website will always looks great.

Choose Footer Columns – You can set the amount of columns in the footer from 1 to 4 columns with a single click.

WooCommerce Compatible – Need to sell products on your website? WooCommerce is integrated in the theme. Start selling products in less than minutes.

Unlimited Sidebars – You can create as many sidebars as you desire and assign them to any page you want.

WPML & Polylang Compatible – Need a multilingual WordPress website? The theme is translation-ready and compatible with the WPML and Polylang plugins. Configured and ready within just a few minutes.

Fullwidth or Boxed Layout – With a single click you can switch between a fullwidth or boxed website, and add a background image or background color.

1000+ Google Fonts – Change the typography of the theme easily by choosing from the growing list of fonts from Google Fonts.

FontAwesome 5 – The latest version of the most popular icon library FontAwesome is added to the theme.

SASS & Grunt Files Included – All the SASS files are included as same as the Gruntfile.

Child Theme Included – Want to tweak the theme to your needs by changing the code? A child theme is included in the full download package.

Extensive Documentation – A detailed documentation is included. From downloading the theme, to install, to use the theme. Everything is described.

Need Support? – Do you have some questions while building your website with Physio? Please visit the support desk.

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Demo Images

All images used in our theme demo are replaced with placeholders within the downloadable theme due to licensing and copyrights. See this link to get all the images from the theme demo.


UPDATE v2.7 – 20-07-2021

 added: WordPress 5.8 compatibility fixed: blog read more setting updated: Advanced Custom Fields PRO to v5.9.9 

UPDATE v2.6.4 – 16-07-2021

 fixed: CSS fix for navigation submenu fixed: undefined callback function testimionial widget updated: Physio Toolkit plugin to v1.7.3 updated: Advanced Custom Fields PRO to v5.9.8 

UPDATE v2.6.3 – 01-06-2021

 fixed: menu link hover arrow color transition changed: active/hover menu under line CSS class updated: ACF PRO to v5.9.6 updated: Physio Toolkit plugin to v1.7.2 

UPDATE v2.6.2 – 04-05-2021

 fixed: carousel icons display issue updated: demo import files updated: Physio Toolkit plugin to v1.7.1 

UPDATE v2.6 – 20-04-2021

 added: the_archive_description to category and tag pages added: phone number field to qt: team member widget added: p tag to slide heading tag setting fixed: social icon widget incorrect icon for instagram fixed: theme setting button style for WooCommerce updated: filters for one click demo importer plugin updated: Booked plugin to v3.2.5 updated: Physio Toolkit to v1.7 

UPDATE v2.5.2 – 16-02-2021

 fixed: comment reply form styling improved: accessibility improved: removed icon picker custom font (< 12KB) improved: custom image field HTML output for brand and team member widgets updated: ACF PRO to v5.9.5 updated: Physio Toolkit to v1.6 

UPDATE v2.5.1 – 16-01-2021

 fixed: qt latest news widget PHP error for PHP 8 updated: ACF PRO to v5.9.4 updated: Physio Toolkit plugin to v1.5.6 

UPDATE v2.5 – 11-01-2021

 added: Yoast SEO and Rank Math breadcrumb compatibility improved: slide remove button always visible improved: removed contact form 7 html5 filter fixed: Booked profile tabs styling issue updated: FontAwesome to v5.15.1 updated: Physio Toolkit plugin to v1.5.5 

UPDATE v2.4.4 – 21-12-2020

 fixed: latest news widget PHP variable typo updated: Physio Toolkit plugin to v1.5.4 

UPDATE v2.4.3 – 19-12-2020

 fixed: theme customizer PHP variable error updated: jQuery waypoints script to 4.0.1 

UPDATE v2.4.2 – 30-11-2020

 fixed: animated counter widget initialize issue 

UPDATE v2.4.1 – 17-11-2020

 updated: ACF PRO to v5.9.3 

UPDATE v2.4 – 03-11-2020

 added: opening hours settings to WPML admin strings fixed: minor CSS fixes for WooCommerce updated: booked to v2.3 updated: ACF PRO to v5.9.2 

UPDATE v2.3.4 – 22-09-2020

 updated: ACF PRO to v5.9.1 

UPDATE v2.3.3 – 27-08-2020

 updated: ACF PRO to v5.9 

UPDATE v2.3.2 – 12-08-2020

 added: wordpress 5.5 compatibility fixed: replaced outdated woocommerce_sidebar filter updated: ACF PRO to v5.8.13 updated: Physio Toolkit 

UPDATE v2.3.1 – 21-07-2020

 fixed: added default value for slide heading tag 

UPDATE v2.3 – 13-07-2020

 wooocommerce 4.3 compatible added: brand image widget image alt field added: single slide settings tab added: slider fixed height option added: customizer option: button layout added: wp_body_open function to header.php fixed: removed duplicated data attribute from slider improved: ui styling slider option field improved: featured page widget excerpt length setting improved: page header style attribute moved to internal CSS updated: Physio Toolkit to v1.5.1 updated: ACF PRO to v5.8.12 

UPDATE v2.2 – 05-05-2020

 improved: global opening hours show as default fixed: rtl issue with testimonial widget buttons fixed: acf.php file php object errror updated: ACF PRO to v5.8.9 updated: Physio Toolkit to v1.5 updated: FontAwesome to v5.13 updated: demo import files 

UPDATE v2.1.1 – 17-03-2020

 fixed: slider button shortcode not render in content field 

UPDATE v2.1 – 14-03-2020

 woocommerce 4.0 compatible added: customizer hover color controls submenu added: customizer color controls menu toggles fixed: page header settings issue for blog category fixed: icon picker setting modal aligment fixed: woocommerce product review styling fixed: header cta button open new browser tab issue fixed: rtl accordion icon issue updated: booked plugin to 2.6.6 updated: ACF PRO plugin to 5.8.8 updated: Physio Toolkit plugin to 1.4 

UPDATE v2.0 – 10-01-2020

 fixed: brochure widget hover icon color added: global opening hours settings added: single testimonial widget improved: changed widget icon picker (60kb lighter) improved: bottom footer textarea allow shortcodes updated: FontAwesome version to 5.12 

UPDATE v1.9.3 – 26-11-2019

 wordpress 5.3 compatible fixed icon selector qt widgets added: acf admin tab customizer setting updated FontAwesome version updated: ACF PRO plugin updated: Physio Toolkit plugin 

UPDATE v1.9.2 – 29-10-2019

 fixed: target attribute to header button on mobile fixed: single word widget title font weight updated: ACF PRO to 5.8.6 

UPDATE v1.9.1 – 24-09-2019

 fixed: opening hours variable issue fixed: fontawesome icon display issue 

UPDATE v1.9 – 10-09-2019

 added: google map iframe widget added: brand logo / image widget added: theme button widget added: fontawesome version 5 support added: customizer setting hide bottom topbar added: customizer settings for page header image added: set custom id to accordion shortcode panel fixed: testimonial widget id error fixed: jquery error when url contain hash improved: icon picker added to icons fields for FontAwesome 5 improved: added custom tab page builder widget tab updated: theme documentation updated: language .pot file updated: demo import files updated: Physio Toolkit plugin updated: booked plugin updated: ACF PRO plugin 

UPDATE v1.8.3 – 29-05-2019

 added: excerpt length setting for featured page widget fixed: slider pause on hover option fixed: php error with empty news column attribute updated: ACF PRO to latest version updated: Booked to latest version updated: Physio Toolkit to v1.1 

UPDATE v1.8.2 – 18-04-2019

 fixed: default retina logo issue after import fixed: child theme style.css position updated Booked plugin updated: ACF PRO plugin 

UPDATE v1.8.1 – 27-02-2019

 fixed: bootstrap css issue for autoptimize plugin 

UPDATE v1.8. – 26-02-2019

 fixed: small css issues in RTL mode improved: applied Envato Gutenberg optimized requirements improved: applied Envato WordPress submission requirements updated: Bootstrap to v3.3.7 updated: ACF PRO plugin to latest version 

UPDATE v1.7. – 31-10-2018

 added: basic gutenberg support for default gutenberg elements added: customizer panel - translation settings for opening hours widget added: repeat row button option for page slider template added: template studio - import predefined layouts with a single click added: Instagram social to team member widget added: testimonial widget setting - touch support added: customizer setting - button hover color added: customizer setting - navigation link font size added: customizer setting - navigation submenu link font size added: customizer setting - page heading title font size added: customizer setting - footer widget title link font size added: customizer setting - footer link hover color added: compatibility for PHP 7.2 fixed: heading bottom on slider template fixed: double tap submenu on 992px width fixed: icon box texts cut off in top footer fixed: top bar link color cutomizer setting fixed: contact form 7 acceptance checkbox position fixed: rtl contact form 7 alignments fixed: footer widget title customizer setting fixed: overlay widget bar customizer setting changed: radium importer for one click demo install plugin improved: if header widget panel is empty automatically remove absolute from header improved: wrap table shortcode in scrollable div for mobile view improved: display alt tag of slider images always first updated: advanced custom fields pro plugin 

UPDATE v1.6.1 – 10-05-2018

 fixed: header template file error 

UPDATE v1.6 – 17-04-2018

 added: left and right side topbar widget area added: slider template pause on hover option added: customzer setting for doubletap touch laptops fixed: booking appointment calendar style (rewritten css) fixed: breadcrumbs display option for shop page fixed: if icon box title/text is empty don't display html wrapper fixed: topbar icon box alignment fixed: blog grid pagination position improved: theme customizer settings/controls layout and descriptions improved: insurances logo html (no more Bootstrap columns needed) update: demo import .xml file update: ACF PRO plugin to latest version update: booked appointment plugin to latest version 

UPDATE v1.5.2 – 06-12-2017

 fixed: auto cycle option homepage slider updated: ACF PRO plugin 

UPDATE v1.5.1 – 17-11-2017

 fixed: homepage slider carousel class issue 

UPDATE v1.5 – 11-11-2017

 added: touch support for homepage slider option added: expand accordion by url added: widget area in right topbar added: blog grid layout customizer option added: custom blog post excerpt length customizer option added: featured button url target customizer option added: woocommerce product thumbnail zoom customizer option fixed: long page title in page header on mobile screens fixed: long page title in sub menu on desktop screens fixed: woocommerce product title size improved: Google structured data for blog posts changed: header widget bar css for overlay changed: bottom footer customizer options added to footer panel updated: TGMPA plugin activation class updated: ACF PRO plugin updated: Booked plugin 

UPDATE v1.4.4 – 02-08-2017

 updated: ACF PRO plugin to latest version v5.6.0 updated: booked plugin to latest version v2.0.4 

UPDATE v1.4.3 – 10-05-2017

 added: customizer setting hide topbar on mobile added: customizer setting blog author prefix updated: booked plugin to latest version 1.9.12 updated: ACF PRO plugin to latest version 5.5.13 updated: requirejs to version 2.3.3 fixed: wp custom menu widget link alignment fixed: wrapped single post date in span tag fixed: picturefill path error fixed: customizer site identity fields not saving improved: customizer css field allows before and after selector 

UPDATE v1.4.2 – 12-04-2017

 added: slider caption align setting fixed: advanced custom fields alignment 

UPDATE v1.4.1 – 05-04-2017

 added: customizer setting for topbar hover links added: scroll to #href for one page fixed: button shortcode icon fixed: widget menu arrow alignment on links fixed: team member widget email link fixed: header widget element visibility updated: FontAwesome to latest version 4.7.0 updated: ACF PRO to latest version 5.5.11 

UPDATE v1.4. – 18-02-2017

 fixed: sticky navigation resize issue fixed: filter out HTML tags in featured page texts fixed: customizer control for mobile submenu background color fixed: retina js file path error fixed: page title on 404 page fixed: call to action widget color controls added: customizer panel for default slider color controls added: customizer panel for font type control added: customizer setting for blog posts read more text added: customizer settings for 404 page added: customizer settings for header widget bar margin added: toggle button for mobile navigation submenus updated: booked plugin to version 1.9.10 updated: ACF PRO to version 5.5.5, updated: qreativeshortcodes to 1.1 updated: theme language .pot file improved: counter widget design improved: rtl support improved: team member widget description field allow simple HTML improved: remove slide caption element if captions are empty improved: reduced padding for header widgets on mobile screen improved: subtitle field support basic HTML improved: re-ordered couple customizer settings improved: various small design fixes improved: header design on tablet screen size 

UPDATE v1.3.3 – 08-12-2016

 fixed: featured page excerpt strpos error fixed: icon box widget text support basic HTML added: customizer option first word widget title weight updated: booked plugin to v1.9.6 updated: ACF PRO to v5.5.1 WordPress 4.7 compatibility 

UPDATE v1.3 – 09-11-2016

 added: page option hide header widget bar added: page option hide page header added: page option hide breadcrumbs added: customizer option hide comment section added: customizer option logo width added: customizer option 404 page image added: customizer option scroll to top show/hide added: info description to call to action widget fixed: display all categories select field from latest news widget fixed: customizer colors on woocommerce elements fixed: page header center align for widget bar fixed: featured page excerpt length fixed: breadcrumbs arrow on mobile fixed: header-wrapper z-index fixed: removed empty header metabox from post page improved: header widget bar output in template files + settings * improved: option open icon box link in new tab improved: rewrote customizer CSS output function improved: auto height spacer sticky nav transition improved: woocommerce myaccount page styling improved: booked modal styling removed: siteorigin premium button from page builder removed: customizer option header background  updated: Booked plugin to v1.9.3 updated: ACF PRO plugin to v5.4.8 

UPDATE v1.2 – 01-06-2016

 fixed: bottom footer text color customizer control fixed: button active bg color fixed: header widget no visible on alt slider template improved: reorder header customizer settings improved: created new import content file improved: theme documentation installation part updated: TGMPA to latest version 2.6.1 updated: booked plugin to latest version 1.7.16 updated: ACF PRO plugin to latest version 5.3.7 

UPDATE v1.1 – 20-05-2016

 fixed: email link on team member widget added: customizer option blog posts metadata added: display date option blog widgets added: yelp and houzz to social media widget added: new page header options / settings improved: changed deprecated method in brochure widget improved: use href link in each testimonial updated: TGMPA updated to latest version 2.5.2 updated: fontawesome to latest version 4.6.2 updated: ACF to latest version 5.3.7 updated: Booked plugin to latest version 1.7.12 

UPDATE v1.0.3 – 15-04-2016

 fixed: touch device double tab on screen width > 992 fixed: oembed iframe fixed: sticky navigation WordPress v4.5 compatible 

UPDATE v1.0.2 – 07-04-2016

 fixed: accordion shortcode fixed: theme customizer CSS output symbols fixed: theme customizer active menu link fixed: opening hour widget today active fixed fixed: submenu not accessible on touch devices updated: Booked plugin to version 1.7.7 added: featured page edit description in widget 

UPDATE v1.0.1 – 01-03-2016

 fixed: boxed version sticky navigation fixed: slider images resize proportion fixed: testimonial add new issue added: yelp to social widget updated: Booked plugin to version 1.7.4 

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