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CouponXL – Coupons, Deals & Discounts WP Theme by pebas


Our latest top notch classified ads WordPress theme Lisfinity

Massive Ajax search update with latest CouponXL version. Faster search.

CouponXL – Coupons, Deals & Discounts WP Theme

CouponXL is the most complete deals, discounts and coupons WordPress theme. It is specialized for selling deals, discounts and coupons online. Also it is optimized and perfect for affiliates websites. Affiliate or discount, coupon or deal websites no difference, they will work perfect with CouponXL wordpress theme for coupons, discounts and deals.

It is fully responsive, SEO optimised, followed latest web technologies based on Bootstrap framework, clean code and light speed fast. CouponXL using premium PSD design for coupons, discount and deals valued 13$, it is included with this package.

Start making profit today with CouponXL – Coupon, Deal and Discount WordPress Theme!

What other say about CouponXL?

The CouponXL WordPress theme, from the people at PowerThemes, serves as a wonderful way for you to monetize a powerful coupon website. The theme integrates well with Skrill, Stripe and PayPal, ensuring you get your money?s worth. Not to mention, the MailChimp compatibility helps you send out as many emails as you want, to bring in more deal purchases.

The full membership system brings in a loyal following and potentially creates a nice revenue stream for you. The random code generator works nicely so you don?t have to always make up new codes for promotions, and the custom profile dashboard allows users to build their own accounts and input personal information. With features for different types of coupons, social registrations, front-end coupon submissions and more, you can?t go wrong with this coupon theme. NumbusThemes / 2015

Buyers Testimonials


Its perfect for every project from small to very big and large projects. Thanks for good work.


I am very happy with the support they are providing. Along with the theme support, even I have a server issue, they rectified the problem and guided me. Recommended theme & support team.


Theme looks beautiful, has decent features, it is still evolving though but excellent support by Pebas!


The design of the theme is the best and is better than all the other coupon themes which are available. I was having some issues to setup the theme and I also required some changes to be made in the theme. I contacted the support team through the forum and all my problems were solved.


I am very happy to purchase this couponxl theme. I am new in wordpress. When I face some problems regarding this themes, I am contacting it’s support team and I am very happy by couponxl support team. Really it’s great support. Thanks couponxl support team.


5 Stars for everything. And I’m excited for every new update as the theme gets better and better! Nice job guys!

7min Showcase YouTube video

Coupons, Deals or Both

You can choose precise purpose of your website by picking one of the three modes, deal webiste where deals will be used only, coupon website where coupons will be used only or both included where deals & coupons will be included.

Perfect For Afiliates

Hide coupon links and use hidden links to cloak your affiliates so you can keep your partners secret.

Fixed or Percent Submit Fee

You can setup different fees for submitting coupons & deals. So fee for coupons & deals can be different plus they can be fixed or percent based. Or both or even free. All is possible with CouponXL.

Mega Menu Supported

Create your own unlimited awesome custom mega menus for any page you like using links or images (up to 4 columns). Very easy to set up by combining main menu and sidebar widgets.

Website & Store Offers

Allow customers to choose if they want to share buyer purchased price with website owner or if they want to earn from direct discount sales.

Make Profit

Allow all customers to submit offers, advertise their products & services, earn money trough your website, control payments smartly and keep all organized with awesome functionality.

Send Payments

Make single payment to each customer or make all payments at once with great administration payment tools.

Social Register

Allow all website visitors to become full members with social connect. So they can use Facebook, Google+ or Twitter profiles to register on the website.

Advertising Allowed

Advertisings are completely supported so you can copy/paste your advertise codes on any page you like, even on the home page, sidebars & footer.

Full Membership System

CouponXL allows website owners to choose if they want to allow registering on the website or not, which gives opportunity to use CouponXL only for affiliates for example , without memberships.

Awesome Profile Dashboard

Truly great fully automated My Profile front end dashboard where your customers can track each deal or coupon they submitted, purchased or they can track vouchers they have. Also they can edit their profiles, submit changes for some deals or coupons. They can track CTR very important vistors statistics and see what is the best way and what to advertise on the website.

Submit Deals & Coupons

Intuitive and modern designed submit deals & coupons page will allow your customers to enjoy submitting new deals & coupons.

Stores or Deals Geolocation & Map

From v1.5 CouponXL is possible to have map on home page or use shortcode with all map markers store locations or deals. All you need to do is to add long. & lat. to your stores.

Stores or Deals Geolocation & Map

Major improvements with permalinks to be translatable and used as pretty permalinks. That means that you can translate deals, coupons, offers and signs into SEO optimized links.

SEO Custom Pretty Permalinks

Those extra pages will allow your customers to pick deals and coupons directly from beautifullly designed category, locations and stores pages.

Child Theme Support

In order to keep your site always fresh and updated and to keep all changes even after updates, we provided full support for child themes.

Unlimited Color Schemes

Set up unlimited color schemes troughout website. Set color of the buttons, change main overall website color and brand your website as you like.

Unlimited Google Fonts

Set up any of 640+ fonts for your website. Also you can set up different font for titles and content. Beside that you can set up completely diffrent font for navigation.

SEO Optimized & SEO Friendly

This theme follows latest SEO standards with properly used all HTML tags. There are several pages which help your content to promote better like categories, locations, deal single with categories and tags and of course wp blog pages.

Payment Gateway

Fully integrated PayPal, Skrill, Stripe, PayU Money and Ideal payment gateways which means you can charge for each offer submitted. Beside that you can send due payments to your customers all at once or you can make single payments.

Different Deals Types

There are two different deal types you can choose, you can choose paid deals or affiliate deals.

Different Coupon Types

There is three different coupon types and few combinations of them. You can choose print coupon, affiliate link coupon and code coupon and you can mix them all with affiliate links.

Custom XML Importer

With CouponXL you can import any .xml and auto add as much as you like coupons and deals to your website with just few clicks. All you need to do is to prepare your .xml and that is it.

Full Support For External Importers

We understand customers needs and we have allowed all CouponXL buyers to have fully supported third party wp plugin importers like WP All Import and others.

Custom Email Messages

You can setup basic look and feel of basic email interaction between website owner and customer when they register, lose password or need to discuss some change with you.

Custom Login, Register, Forgot Password

There is several friendly custom pages like login, register, lost password etc. which will make better interaction between customers and website and will give them better overall feel and look.

Minimum WP Knowledge Needed

Really minimum of WordPress knowledge is needed to run succesfully your own coupon & deals business with CouponXL WordPress theme, it comes with One Click Install and really dedicated support.

Dedicated Customer Support

Fast and dedicated customer support trough our specially designed forum where 24h is maximum waiting time.

Backend & Frontend Auto Discount Calculator

When submitting coupons or deals your customers have completely automated price calculation method so they will never use anything outside website to calculate right percentage or sale price.

Offers Ratings

Allow visitors and customers to rate deals and coupons so new customers will always be informed about quality of coupons and deals on your website.

Deal Comments

Beside ratings and other methods for customers to check quality of some deals and coupons there is really great comment system for each deal where your customers can track some deals, their quality and find out more from customers comments.

Grid Or List Layout

Your customers can choose between two awesome layouts, grid view or list view. Website owner/administrator can enable or disable this in backend anytime.

Sidebar Offer Filters

There are main filter on All/Search page in sidebar where your customers can easily access locations and categories they need. You can set up that filter to show or to hide empty

Page Filter

In page filter your customers can choose between layouts (grid/list) and also they can sort by ratings, time left or date published.

Popular Coupons

There is a popular coupons and deals which can be listed in specific page template designed specially with purpose to show only popular offers sorted by rate.

Easy to Translate & Translate Ready

CouponXL wordpress theme is fully translatable and in same time it is easy to translate. You can translate complete CouponXL with .po & .mo ready files, piece of cake.

Content Direction

CouponXL completely support RTL & LTR text direction. Some writing systems of the world like the Arabic and Hebrew scripts in which writing begins at the right-hand side of a page and concludes at the left-hand side. So simple choose desired website direction.

Deal Single Page

Deal page is beautiful, flat & simple and modernly designed to catch customers attention. There is great time lapse timer, items bought are, google map and so on.

Smart CTR Statistic

Today statistics and tracking visitors behavior trough websites are very important. CouponXL comes with CTR tracking system for each offer so your members can track their offers, their views, clicks and CTR stats easily.

PSD Included

Premium CouponXL PSD (13$) value is included with CouponXL WordPress Theme so you have everything to unleash your creativity and start coupon & deals online business.

Custom Sidebars

A lot of custom sidebars will let you choose completely different widgets in different pages. Each page in Coupon XL WP have an option for sidebar.

Lot Of Widgets

There is 25+ widgets including properly styled default WP widgets. Also there is 16 CouponXL WP widgets, from Subscribe for newsletter to Twitter feed widget.


There is built in MailChimp newsletter where customers can sign up for your email list. Take control of your newsletter and email campaigns.

Time & Number Based Deals

Protect your clients and their business to be overaloaded with many unhappy customers. With CouponXL your customers can choose between time left deals and deals number of items left.

All Post Formats Included

You will get all post formats included with CouponXL wordpress theme so you can choose wide range of post types.

Easy One Click Install

No pain when installing CouponXL. Simple and easy with one click you can set up your website to looks like demo in full. So you can start building your website from there.

Font Awesome Icons

The complete set of 519 icons in Font Awesome 4.3.0 which allows you to create highly interesting content throughout pages.

Store Single Page

Each store have their own single page which is really powerfull for SEO and overall ranking.

Stylish Breadcrumbs

Switch Between two kind of breadcrumbs easily, one is with solid color or beautiful image in the background and the other is more standardized version great for keeping your visitors attention straight to content.

Random Code Generator

Completely automated random code generation system is integrated into CouponXL. From now you do not need to worry about generating and using codes/vauchers, all is completely automated.

Ajax Based Search

CouponXL comes with ajax prediction based search for locations & stores which is built in to help your customers to find desired offers as fast as it is possible.

Initial/Default Location

CouponXL allows you to set up default loaction on first visit of the website.

Dashboard Statistics

Built in WP Dashboard quick statistics panels where you can see different types of statistic data like Coupons, Deals, Users and Earnings.

Social Share

Beautifuly designed social share on each deal, coupon or blog post will let your customers to share your posts and offers at light speed.

Notification Bar

Infrom your visitors about any changes related to your business trough CouponXL Notification bar which can be permanent or users can remove it.

Sticky Navigation

With CouponXL you can use your navigation in ‘sticky’ way or in normal way. In theme options you can choose between two modes of the navigation easily.

Lightspeed Fast

Really fast and secure.

Communication Allowed

CouponXL comes with great discussion based system between website owner and offer submitter. This makes so easy to follow your customers and their wishes.

 ============================================= COUPON XL WP UPDATES ============================================= Version 4.1.1 19.03.2018  Fixed issue with couponxl-shortcodes plugin  style.css functions.php updated plugin couponxl-shortcodes to v1.1  Version 4.1.0 05.03.2018  Massively improved ajax search Fixed various layout issues  style.css functions.php header.php page-tpl_home_page.php js/custom.js couponxxl-cpt plugin updated to version 1.2  Version 4.0.2 28.02.2018  Fixed code auto copy Fixed Geo Home map spacing issue Fixed notification bar layout issue on smaller devices Fixed Slider not visible if image is missing  style.css functions.php js/custom.js  Version 4.0 11.01.2018  Improved demo import Fixed gallery image not visible bug Improved YOAST seo compatibility when deal has multiple locations  includes/radium-one-click-demo-install/demo-files/content.xml includes/offers/deals.php style.css  Version 3.9 09.11.2017  Fixed plugins version conflicts Added dynamic google api key field option Fixed comment date Fixed tiny style issues Added email notification to stores  functions.php comments.php includes/theme-options.php style.css  Version 3.8 21.09.2016.  Fixed issue with coupon modal store image link Store logos on coupons are now clickable  functions.php includes/offers/coupons.php  Version 3.7 30.03.2016.  Added category on backend offer listing Added new user notification for the admin Fixed bug with non existsing cats and locations Fixed small grammar errors Fixed compatibility issues with WP 4.5 Updated Smeta plugin ( reinstall it )  Edited files: style.css functions.php includes/search-sidebar.php includes/title.php page-tpl_my_profile.php includes/profile-pages/ lib/plugins/  Version 3.6 16.03.2016.  Fixed featured slider  Edited files: style.css includes/featured-slider.php includes/redux-extension/*  Version 3.5 09.03.2016.  Hidden payout methods on profile if none has been set in theme options Fixed bug with number of locations to be displayed on search page Fixed taxonomy slug rewrite Fixed small translate domain issues Fixed bug with store letter on import Fixed freezing on edge while trying to copy code Fixed display of titles on search for wordpress 4.4 Fixed opened megamenu on smaller screens Removed reduntant SEO options ( use Yoast SEO instead for more control ) Removed Theme updater and introduced Envato Market as official update plugin Fixed affiliate popups on mobile devices Updated language files Updated demo import content  Edited files: style.css css/admin.css functions.php js/custom.js includes/profile-pages/edit-profile.php includes/search-sidebar.php includes/import/import.php includes/search-args.php includes/featured-slider.php header.php includes/theme-option.php lib/plugins/ ( Reinstall the plugin ) lib/plugins/ ( Reinstall the plugin ) Remove includes/update.php page-tpl_register.php includes/radium-one-click-demo-install/* languages/*  Version 3.4 25.02.2016.  Fixed slider warning notice issue Changelog updated  Edited files: style.css includes/featured-slider.php  Version 3.3 16.02.2016.  Fixed bug with slider items Changelog updated  Edited files: style.css include/redux-extensions/* functions.php changelog.txt  Version 3.2 12.11.2015.  Fixed random ordering when same expire date is added Fixed bug with category error if slug is changed Fixed bug with same post date on latest post widget Fixed small language bugs Fixed bug with not showing word 'coupons' on search page when that offer type is selected Fixed bug with displaying coupon code on pagination Fixed bug with store link cloak Fixed bug with iDEAL payment Increased speed of the theme. Updated languages Added support for the latest blogs in the shortcode Removed redirect from the deal boxes to search page and now it goes to deal dirrectly Added option to set max zoom of the contact map Updated FontAwesome Removed meta for socal networks since Yoast is more convinient Added rich snippet for coupons Added taxonomy page to use it with Sitemap  Edited files: single-store.php page-tpl_all_deals.php page-tpl_all_coupons.php page-tpl_search_page.php page-tpl_popular.php functions.php style.css lib/plugins/ ( reinstall the plugin ) includes/theme-options.php includex/redux-extension/* languages/* includes/widgets.php includes/shortcodes/blogs.php includes/box-elements/blogs.php includes/profile-pages/deal-submit.php includes/offers/deals.php includes/title.php includes/theme-options.php includes/awesome-icons.php fonts/* css/font-awesome.min.css header.php js/custom.js taxonomy.php  Version 3.1. 28.09.2015.  Fixed bug with registration message. Fixed words in the theme options. Fixed bug with logins Added link to the store logo on the coupon modal Fixed bug with different counting on change of the sidebar position on the search page Fixed bug with counting in the dashboard Added support for the description of the taxonoimes ( SEO description ) Added dispaly of the phone number on the edit profile Fixed bug with payu money payment process Fixed bug with google rich snippets Fixed bug with voucher print Updated languages  Edited files: style.css functions.php includes/theme-options.php includes/profile-pages/edit-profile.php single-offer.php page-tpl_login.php header.php languages/*  Version 3.0 25.09.2015.  Added iDEAL payment gateway. Added PayU Money payment gateway. Added check if username has empty spaces or dots. Fixed bug with counting offers on search page.  Edited files: functions.php includes/mollie.php includes/theme-options.php includes/profile-pages/coupon-submit.php includes/profile-pages/submit-offer-common.php includes/profile-pages/edit-profile.php style.css footer.php js/custom.js languages/*  Version 2.9 22.09.2015. Fixed small import bug  Edited files: includes/radius-one-click-demo-install/* functions.php style.css  Version 2.8 15.09.2015.  Updated explanation of the deal type on deal submit form. Updated font awesome icons. Added sidebar for the offer single pages. Updated redirection on login. Updated language files. Improved accordion to support HTML. Added sorting by name on the category widget. Added steps abels to translate files. Major speed improvements. Fixed display of mailchimp errors. Fixed some small visual bugs. Fixed bug with new line on the user description. Fixed bug with assigning parent categories and locations on submit. Fixed import bug. Fixed pagiantion error on store single page. Fixed pagiantion errors when deals / coupons /popular are set as home page  Edited files: functions.php style.css js/custom.js js/shortcode.js ( clear cache ) includes/profile-pages/edit-profile.php includes/profile-pages/deal-submit.php includes/profile-pages/insert-offer.php includes/profile-pages/submit-offer-common.php includes/profile-pages/my-coupons.php includes/profile-pages/my-deals.php includes/import/import.php includes/awesome-icons.php includes/widgets.php includes/box-elements/coupons.php includes/box-elementa/deals.php includes/shortcodes/coupons.php includes/shortcodes/deals.php includes/shortcodes/gmap.php includes/featured-slider.php includes/radius-one-click-demo-install/* includes/theme-options.php includes/shortcodes/accordion.php fonts/* languages/* css/font-awesome.min.css sidebar-offer.php single-offer.php single-store.php page-tpl_login.php page-tpl_all_coupons.php page-tpl_all_deals.php page-tpl_popular.php page-tpl_search_page.php lib/plugins/ ( You must reinstall it )  Version 2.7 20.08.2015.  Added updater. Updated language files. Added countdown on coupon single. Fixed bug with submit page. Fixed small socail login issue.  Edited files: includes/update.php functions.php single-offer.php languages/* includes/profile-pages/submit-offer-common.php style.css js/front-uploader.js lib/plugins/ ( Reinstall it )  Version 2.6 18.08.2015.  Fixed bug with the activation account. Fixed bug with displaying google map space when it is set to no on contact page. Fixed bug with translation of the table strings. Fixed email encodings. Fixed responsive images. Fixed bug with displaying drafts on recent posts widget. Fixed small notice on login failure Added visual comments nesting. Added redirect to last url after social login. Added filter to the options.  Updated files: page-tpl_register.php page-tpl_contact.php page-tpl_login.php js/custom.js functions.php includes/widget.php comments.php js/bootstrap-table.min.js page-tpl_recover_password.php lib/plugins/ ( reinstall plugin ) style.css  Version 2.5 17.07.2015.  Fixed extra no on single pages Fixed popular stores logo in the widget Fixed translation of the redux options  Edited files: single-offer.php functions.php  Version 2.4 10.07.2015.  Changed class on the buttons of edit offer page. Added google rich snippet for deals and coupons. Added proper h1 on single apges for seo purpose. Added title on hover on markers on geo home page. Added opening in new tabof the social links in header and footer. Improved import to check if image exists and if so to use that one instead of importing new one. Optimized query for counting on search page. Added true blog page title and subtitle on blog listing. Fixed bug with title when only coupons are displayed. Fixed bug with buttons on offer edit screen in backend when theme is transalted. Fixed bug with 404 pagination error on single store pages. Fixed bug with input boxes in widgets on firefox. Fixed bug with slug rewritting for the offer. (reinstall CouponXL Custom Post Meta plugin). Fixed bug with title bar on slug changing. Fixed bug with store logo link. Fixed grouping of location and categories on listing. Updated languages files.  Edited files: css/admin.css style.css js/admin.js js/custom.js includes/title.php includes/import/impost.php ingludes/shortcodes/gmap.php functions.php single-store.php lib/plugins/ single-offer.php single.php single-store.php page-tpl_search_page.php page-tpl_all_locations.php page-tpl_all_categories.php header.php footer.php languages/*  Version 2.3 18.06.2015.  Fixed featured image on offer share. Fixed function undefined error on some servers. Fixed bug with hidding top bar on mobile devices. Fixed visual bug with logo on small devices.  Edited files: style.css js/custom.js header.php functions.php  Version 2.2 17.06.2015. Version 2.2  Added column for printing voucher from my purchases list. Adedd column for the expire time of the deal voucher to the my purchases table. Added skrill payment. Added skrill payout. Added cloak on external Deal Link ( link on buy now button from deal single ). Added proper redirects on custom taxonomy. Fixed minor bugs. Updated plugin CouponXL Custom Post Type. ( reinstall it ). Updated plugin Smeta. ( reinstall it ). Updated language files.  Edited files: style.css functions.php header.php includes/theme-options.php includes/profile-pages/my-purchases.php includes/profile-pages/my-coupons.php includes/profile-pages/my-deals.php includes/profile-pages/submit-offer-common.php includes/profile-pages/edit-profile.php js/custom.js languages/* lib/plugins/ lib/plugins/  Version 2.1 10.06.2015.  Added SEO keywords and SEO description options. Added sending of the voucher details to the buyer's email. Added print deal voucher. Added terms and conditions on offer submit. Added terms and conditions on register page. Added information about earnings due, earnings sent, saless and purchases on user listing on admin side. Added coupon single page. Added store link cloak. Added option to set any number of home page sidebars. Improved breadcrumbs. Improved loading speed. Improved share buttons ( now they open in new window ). Updated language files. Updated links on featured slider for deals. Fixed bug with importing offers. Fixed bug with notice on deal submitting page. Fixed bug with displaying offers in list on single store page. Fixed bug with canceling social login (reinstall plugin Social Connect). Fixed bug with pagination on single store page. Fixed bug with applying main color. Fixed bug with layout when only search is displayed on the home page. Fixed bug with mega menu locations/category links when on single store page. Fix bug with counting on search page. Fixed bug with displaying category / location count when it is set to no. Updated Smeta plugin ( reinstall it ).  Edited files: functions.php includes/theme-options.php includes/offers/coupons.php includes/featured-slider.php includes/shortcodes/deals.php includes/shortcodes/coupons.php includes/shortcodes/sidebar.php includes/box-elements/coupons.php includes/box-elements/deals.php includes/profile-pages/coupon-submit.php includes/profile-pages/dashboard.php includes/profile-pages/deal-submit.php includes/profile-pages/terms.php includes/profile-pages/insert-offer.php includes/breadcrumbs.php includes/import/import.php includes/share.php includes/widgets.php includes/search-sidebar.php css/main-color.css.php js/custom.js style.css single-store.php single-offer.php header.php single.php page-tpl_register.php page-tpl_all_coupons.php page-tpl_all_deals.php page-tpl_search_page.php page-tpl_popular.php page-tpl_home_page.php lib/plugins/ languages/*  22.5.2015. Version 2.0  Updated font files. Fixed Double title. Fixed deals and coupons shortcodes to dispaly selected offers.  Edited fiels: fonts/* functions.php includes/box-elements/deals.php includes/box-elements/coupons.php includes/shortcodes/coupons.php includes/shortcodes/deals.php  20.05.2015. Version 1.9 Fixed filter bar. Fixed keyword search with different characters. Fixed keyword search with multiple words. Fixed bug with offer category being set for search if Code Catgory was in the widget. Fixed theme usage filter for single store pages. Fixed sarch page title when theme usge is deals on coupons only. Fixed nested listing of categories and locations. Fixed small visual bug with not chaning main color on certain elements. Fixed bug with displaying expire date in the backend on the offer listing when it is set to unlimited. Fixed minor bugs in couponxl CPT plugin ( reinstall it ) Fixed counters on search page Fixed bug with marking voucher as used after the search Added category and location to the search title page Added options to deals and copons boxes to order by date, offer expire, title and ASC and DESC order. Added options to blog boxes to order by date, title and ASC and DESC order. Updated list of Font Awesome icons to 4.3 Added option to select sidebar position on the search, deals, coupons, popular page (one option). Removed shortcode buttons from frontend editor. On small devices print will lead to the image. Added payments on offer submission and offer listings. Improved breadcrumbs.  Edited files:  functions.php page-tpl_search.php page-tpl_all_deals.php page-tpl_all_coupons.php page-tpl_all_categories.php page-tpl_all_locations.php page-tpl_popular.php single-store.php includes/profile-pages/submit-offer-common.php includes/profile-pages/insert-offer.php includes/profile-pages/my-deals.php includes/profile-pages/my-coupons.php includes/main-search-values.php includes/shortcodes/coupons.php includes/shortcodes/deals.php includes/shortcodes/blogs.php includes/box-elements/deals.php includes/box-elements/coupons.php includes/awesome-icons.php includes/search-arg.php includes-search-sidebar.php includes/widgets.php includes/title.php css/main-color.css.php lib/plugins/ js/custom.js  29.04.2015. Update v1.8 Fixed bug with displaying code on store single pages. Fixed top bar search bug when permalink slugs are changed. Fixed filter stores by letter after changing permalink slugs. Fixed bug with contact page where it shows place for map if it is not added. Updated protocols for loading google fonts and maps Fixed bug with slider displaying all items on home page if none is set in the theme options. Fixed bug with the couponxl footer menu. Fixed store social links. Fixed bug with the ratings. Fixed single store offer type filter links. Fixed bug with the submitting deals and coupons in the textmode. Fixed bug with displaying number of deals and coupons when only one is selected in the theme usage settings. Added support for UTF encoding in the ajax search fields. Added redirect to last page after login. Added support for the date format set in the Settings->General Added option to set caption of the slider to be over or bellow image Updated spambot filter. Fixed padding of the home page when big title is removed. Removed shortcode access buttons from frontend. Updated language files.  Edited files:  page-tpl_contact.php page-tpl_register.php page-tpl_home_page.php page-tpl_login.php includes/featured-slider.php includes/widgets.php includes/profile-pages/dashboard.php includes/profile-pages/my-purchases.php includes/shortcodes/blog-latest.php includes/custom-bulk.php includes/theme-options.php includes/featured-slider.php includes/menu-extender.php includes/shortcodes.php single-store.php single.php index.hp js/custom.js single-store.php style.css functions.php language/*  15.04.2015. Update v1.7  Added stripe payment and payout option. Added visual support for the scheduled offers on deal single. Fixed bug with the layout on search page when there is no widgets in sidebar. Fixed bug with coupon code link in the slider on the home page. Fixed bug with the error message on offer import when offer expire date is not set. Fixed bug with sending contact. Removed scroll zoom on geo home map.  Edited files: functions.php includes/theme-options.php includes/profiel-pages/edit-profile.php js/custom.js js/admin.js footer.php page-tpl_search_page.php includes/import/import.php images/* languages/* single-offer.php  07.04.2015. Update v1.6.  Fixed error in couponxl-cpt plugin when redux framework is disabled. Fixed link in the featured slider on home page. Fixed counters of the deals and coupons in the sidebar of the page search and single store. Fixed bug with the displaying modal on the mobile devices. Fixed bug with the auto copy code on mobile devices ( now on mobile devices you need to copy it manually since the auto copy depends on adobe flash  ) Fixed bug with the search bar not triggering. Fixed display of the steps. Fixed bug with the registration on some servers (now it is done via AJAX). Allow external deal link to be accessable to not logged in users. Added offer category to the breadcrumbs.  Edited files: couponxl-cpt plugin ( delete it and install again ) includes/featured-slider.php functions.php single-store.php style.css custom.js header.php css/jquery.steps.css page-tpl_register.php page-tpl_contact.php page-tpl_search_page.php  03.04.2015. Update v1.5  Major improvments with permalinks to be translatable and used as pretty permalinks. Added option to sort  categories and location by dufferent fields on their listing pages. Extended deals and coupons shortcodes so you can set number of items and filter offers by one or multiple categories/lcoations/stores. Added store google map marker representation feature. Added google map with stores or deals shortcode. Added ability to assign user as agent to manage the offers (Users -> Edit User) and important to update CouponXL CPT plugin ( delete it and install it again ). Added steps in the submition of the coupons and deals. Added new page template GEO home with the big map in the header. Added twitter cache to reduce number of API calls. Updated language files. Fixed links on the deal/coupons boxes. Fixed bug with the profile page submitting and theme usage ( For example uif the teme usage is vcoupons only then only coupons can be accessed from the profile page ). Fixed small bug with smeta plugin.  Edited Files: includes/box-elements/coupons.php includes/box-elements/deals.php includes/offers/deals.php includes/offers/coupons.php includes/filter-bar.php includes/theme-options.php includes/search-args.php includes/main-search-values.php includes/widgets.php includes/title.php includes/breadcrumbs.php includes/shortcodes/ includes/shortcodes/slider.php includes/shortcodes/coupons.php includes/shortcodes/gmap.php includes/profile-pages/edit-offer.php includes/profile-pages/edit-profile.php includes/profile-pages/manage-vouchers.php includes/profile-pages/my-coupons.php includes/profile-pages/my-deals.php includes/profile-pages/deal-submit.php includes/profile-pages/submit-offer-common.php includes/import/import.php js/custom.js js/front-uploader.js js/shortcodes.js js/jquery.steps.min.js css/jquery.steps.css page-tpl_search_page.php page-tpl_all_locations.php page-tpl_all_categories.php page-tpl_all_stores.php page-tpl_all_coupons.php page-tpl_all_deals.php page-tpl_home_page.php page-tpl_geo_home_page.php page-tpl_my_profile.php page-tpl_register.php page-tpl_popular.php functions.php single-store.php index.php languages/* plugin couponxl-cpt ( delete it and install it again ) plugin smeta ( delete it and install it again )  30.03.2015. Update v1.4  Added textarea for the predefined deal vouchers on deal submit instead of the generated ones Added title on the featured items slider Added keyword search on the top bar Added mailchimp.php file Fixed bug with displaying store URL ( now it is on the logo on the store single page ) Fixed bug with changing units for the checkout Fixed bug with displaying coupon modals on safari browser  Edited files: includes/profile-pages/deal-submit.php includes/profile-pages/submit-offer-common.php includes/featured-slider.php functions.php js/custom.js style.css header.php includes/theme-options.php includes/search-args.php css/main-color.css.php single-store.php includes/import/import.php languages/* plugin social-connect ( reinstall it using the version bundled with the theme ) includes/mailchimp.php  25.03.2015. Update v1.3  Fixed bug with calculation of the discount on deal submit / edit Fixed bug with the login form Fixed visual bug on small devices on deal single  Updated files: js/admin.js js/custom.js page-tpl_login.php style.css  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------  24.04.2015. Update v1.2  Fixed bug with profile page for non logged in users Fixed bug with notification bar and ancor tags Fixed bugs with autocomplete cities and stores Added sticky navigation  Edited files: page-tpl_my_profile.php functions.php header.php style.css includes/theme-options.php js/custom.js languages/*  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------  23.03.2015. Update v1.1  Fixed small bug with user role on social connect Fixed bug with uploading image on deal / couponsubmit Added link to the titles on deal / coupon boxes Added options to configure messages when there is no offers in store or after search  Edited files social-connect.php in the social-connect plugin ( delete plugin and once the theme asks for it install it again ) functions.php includes/offers/deals.php includes/offers/coupons.php includes/theme-options.php style.css  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------  09.03.2015. Version 1.0  


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