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Welcome to Tools of Computing LLC

Providing Java training, on-line tutorials, free software and booklets, and algorithm animations, this is the Tools of Computing LLC web site.

If you know C or C++, let us teach you Java quickly.

We proudly offer products and services in 100% Pure Java"


Tools of Computing intends to be the leading provider of education and training for professionals who are seeking knowledge in advanced computing technologies, such as Java, distributed object computing (CORBA and ActiveX/DCOM), and high-performance computing.

Our specialization is in distributed systems, such as the Internet. Unlike the multitude of companies which are being formed to teach a watered-down version of Java and Internet programming techniques, Tools of Computing offers ongoing education and training to ensure its customers develop a real understanding of the material presented in our courses. Thus we are of the persuasion that you should be informed up front of the availability of superb courses and not be deluded into thinking a single course will make you an expert in anything. Java is a relatively simple language to learn, but to learn object oriented and distributed computing principles and become an specialist takes work. This reality has been somewhat blurred by all of the marketing hype surrounding the Internet and Java.

Founded by two computer scientists and professors, who also have years of industry and academic teaching experience, Tools of Computing not only provide you with state-of-the-art, hands-on training, but leaves you with the feeling of having been educated in the process. For this reason, we position ourselves as a company specializing in education and training for computing professionals and not merely training.

Copyright 1998, Tools of Computing LLC. See licensing terms for more information about using resources from our web site for academic, non-commercial, or commercial purposes. Interested in learning more about Tools of Computing LLC, its products, or its services? Are you a current student of ours? Or a past student? Stay connected by joining our mailing lists now! Please direct all comments regarding content to .

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