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If you are looking for the old site, we will be keeping a link to it at until 2001. All of the content is in the midst of being moved to the new site.

Welcome to Tools of Computing, a concept created jointly by George K. Thiruvatukal and Thomas W. Christopher.

The seminal ideas for Tools of Computing date back to a discussion we both held in a coffee shop (La Piazza, sadly no longer in business, circa 1996), wherein we determined that the one thing lacking in today's computing industry are the proper tools, techniques, and frameworks to build reliable software.

We are both proud to announce the availability of our book entitled, "High Performance Java Platform(tm) Computing: Threads and Networking," which has been published by Prentice Hall PTR and Sun Microsystems Press. This book features our threads and networking libraries for Java as well as a number of real, working code examples built atop these libraries. For more information, please see the HPJPC Book link from any page.

Tools of Computing today is focused on the development of open-source software, training, and writing books. Our open-source efforts include Java and High-Performance Computing, Language Tools, Python Programming for the Web, and Programming Patterns in Java and Python.

We invite you to join in this mission by contributing feedback and open-source software in the above areas.